Current Sanctuary Needs


Since becoming a 501(c)3 sanctuary, Shibui ni is making its first request for donations.

My sweet Betelgeuse, from Floyd Co GA, has taken a bad fall from the deck. He has ripped his ACL, and is lame. He has been to the vet twice, had acupuncture once, and Xrays determining the tear. Because of his age and weight, ACL surgery is too risky and has a slim chance of working. So, at least for now, I am purchasing this:

I am also having to handrail the decks and porches to prevent this happening again.

Crazy Bodhicitta, from Houston via Connecticut, is a bundle of wiggling, waggling joy. But all of his energy in a stout, muscular boy who wants to be the boss is causing a few problems. I am going to have to send Bodhi to training before it gets out of hand. I don't know the cost yet, but it will not be cheap.

With all that is going on (Hurricane Florence re-build), funds are getting very tight for Shibui ni, as I fund it myself. If you have any desire to help Betelgeuse or Bodhicitta, we would much appreciate any donation. You can donate directly through Paypal using as the email address. Or, you can use the website donate button. Note that if using the website, although the monies go to the same place, it is set up through the Giving Fund of Paypal, and while you will get an automatic receipt, I will not know about it for at least a month. So, I cannot offer the genuine appreciation I feel for any donations.

Thanks from Shibui ni.




We are working to give animals in need a place to call home, through rescue, transportation, shelter, and foster of: abused, abandoned, and neglected dogs, at the end of their time. Animals who have not had a chance to live their lives are given a warm and loving home to spend the rest of their time with others of their own. At times, we have taken in other species, specifically rabbits, cats, and birds. Until Shibui ni is able to relocate to a large acreage site, we will focus on dogs. At some point, we hope to be farm animal and canine rescue and sanctuary.

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100% of all donations goes to caring for the residents of the sanctuary, or for the vetting, boarding, and transport of other animals at the end of their ropes. We are a federally recognized 501(c)3, and as such, all donations are tax deductible.

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